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Ghostwriting is a process that allows non-writers to be heard and appreciated by readers.

Do you have an incredible story to share? Do you have information acquired through your personal journey that would inspire and educate others? Do you desire to produce a work of non-fiction or a memoir and need the help of a writer?

My goal as a ghostwriter is to capture my client’s unique communication style. The work must sound like it came directly from the client, otherwise, it is not ghostwriting.

It will be your own words, just crafted to be coherent, organized, and beautiful.

Since ghostwriting is a very involved process between writer and client, it is important to choose the right writer for your story.

Therefore, I offer this service at an hourly rate as well as a project rate.

At the hourly rate of $40, we can do one sample conversation and a piece of writing based on it. You will get a sense of the possibilities of our collaboration. We can then switch to a project rate, which allows for you to know the exact cost of the entire project and set deadlines.


  1. You provide me with a basic description of your vision for the book.

  2. You talk to me, in many recorded conversations, and verbally tell your story. This way, I can pay attention to the tone of your voice and the emotion conveyed as you speak about certain parts of the story, and then use that to develop tone within the writing.

  3. These recordings are then transcribed and edited. I also add written material to flush out an idea or to create natural transitions between story elements.

  4. I assess the book that has been created. I send you a copy along with a note on any further changes I think should be made.

  5. If you are over-the-moon happy, the process ends here. If you want it to be different, we have more conversations, and I rewrite it until it is perfect (in your eyes).

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