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Black and white, upclose photograph of woman giving the peace sign.

Hello, I'm Katie.

I am thirty-three! This is my Christ year, so I have big faith that it'll be a memorable year.


I am a freelance editor, entrepreneur, and poet. I was born, raised, and still live in Toronto, Canada. 

I studied English literature at University of Toronto, and then I went on to complete an Editing Certificate through Simon Fraser University. 

As a freelance editor, I have worked on around 100 books: novels, memoirs, poetry, and non-fiction. 

I am a member of Editors Canada.

I am a senior developmental editor at Publish and Promote.


VENERATION began in 2018.

The name comes from a collage I had made on the cover of a notebook I was using seven years earlier, at the age of twenty-one. It was a particularly traumatic yet enlightening time in my life, and the word veneration came to signify a solid respect for the life God gave me, my writing, my dreams, and my passions. 

So when it came time to name my company, it was a natural choice. 

I started VENERATION after a long and troubled road, of which I will surely write about in some published format at some point.

But at the heart of that creation, that birth of my company (which for any entrepreneur and creative, is a little like the birth of life itself) was a sincere joy for working with other writers. I realized that above and beyond my own writing ability, I had a gift for guiding those tender and brilliant spirits that incarnate in writers. And I was willing and excited to devote my career to doing this.  

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