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company mantra

Veneration is defined as the act of having great respect for something or someone.


This company is founded on a deep love and respect for the writer's craft.

My intention with each client is to foster a writer-editor relationship in which they trust and value my edits, and they can feel secure in knowing that I comprehend and appreciate their artistic vision. 

respect your writing

Unedited or poorly edited writing is:

  • damaging to a writer's reputation

  • unacceptable for publication

  • judged based on mistakes instead of content

  • distracting for readers

  • misinterpreted

Oftentimes, writers must be their own editors, and this is to the detriment of the writer and the writing. There is a time and place for editing your own work.


Every piece of writing begins in the invention stage: a writer composes free-flowing without editing of any kind. Many writers edit somewhat during this stage, but it is best to keep it purely invention, as you could miss a piece of gold that would only be created and found among rubble or bad writing. Say you write five unsatisfying pages, but the last few lines are amazing. If you had sat and mentally edited yourself into not writing anything, then you would not have written those last lines either.


Following the invention stage, a writer will and should perform substantive edits on their own work. Once a working version of the writing is produced, the writer will benefit immensely from hiring an editor. Above and beyond spell-check, and not merely a fresh perspective or a second opinion either, an editor is trained to understand the author’s voice and vision, and to help communicate it in the best possible way for the reader.

about me

I am a poet from Toronto, Canada. My great passion in life is writing, and I truly enjoy helping others with their writing.


I studied English Literature at University of Toronto, and completed an Editing program through Simon Fraser University. The editing courses included: grammar, proofreading, copyediting, stylistic editing, structural editing, writing for the web, ethics in writing and publishing, document design, and writing for business and the professions.


I am a member of Editors Canada (check out my page:


As a freelance editor, I have worked on novels, memoirs, poetry, non-fiction, press releases, web copy, and articles. 

I am also an editor at Publish and Promote (


I am open to all kinds of writing, writers, and projects, as long as there is a mutual respect for one another and the work.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for a frank talk about your writing troubles. I can relate—and help!

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