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Stylistic Edit


Stylistic editing is about improving the quality of your writing so that it is as eloquent and effective as it can be.

It addresses clarity, flow, and language.

CLARITY: How intelligible is your writing?

  • ensuring word choice and sentence construction convey their intended meaning

  • resolving ambiguities, redundancies, and illogical elements

FLOW: How smooth is your writing?

  • editing so that transitions properly support the development of the text

  • reordering elements for coherence

  • polishing sentences that are awkwardly phrased

LANGUAGE: How appropriate is your writing?

  • assessing whether language choices suit the reading level of the intended audience

  • commenting on tone and level of formality, in terms of its consistency and purpose

My stylistic edit involves thoughtful suggestions for rewriting as opposed to objective corrections because it is a subjective process. I will determine, honour, and maintain your authorial voice.

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