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Developmental Edit


Developmental editing is about resolving big-picture problems in your story.​

It addresses content and organization.

CONTENT: How developed is your writing?

  • ​​suggested additions/deletions

  • reworking content that is imbalanced, unfocused, or lacks proper research/development

  • identifying plot holes

Examples: inconsistencies in character description; nonsensical timeline; a seemingly unimportant event is overly described, while a crucial moment is glossed over; in non-fiction, the writing sidetracks into an irrelevant topic.

ORGANIZATION: How cultivated is your writing?

  • analyzing how the content is structured and whether the reader will be confused or dissatisfied with that organization

Examples: an element of the story/character is revealed too early/late in the book, and it negatively impacts reader enjoyment; in non-fiction, ideas are not properly separated or progress in a disorienting manner.

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