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Manuscript Evaluation

$0.006 / word 

The manuscript evaluation is a 7–10 page review of your book. 

It is the ideal place to begin your journey to publication. It will provide valuable feedback and a clear understanding of your next steps. 

I encourage writers to provide a list of specific questions they want to be answered within my feedback. Examples: Did the story confuse you at any point? Is my main character likeable?

I will write to you at length about the following:

  • Inconsistencies in the narrative

  • Parts that were beautiful, effective, and/or emotionally resonated with me as the reader

  • Whether the story held my attention throughout, or if there were parts I considered to be boring

  • Whether the dialogue felt natural and if each character had a distinct voice and style of speaking

  • My opinion on each character. How I perceived their personality: Were they likeable? Did I care about following their journey? Were their motivations clear and understandable? Were they a true to life, fully developed, and believable character?

  • Was there a good balance between dialogue, description, and action?

  • Was there adequate narrative tension? 

  • Were there parts that I thought should be removed from the story or else shortened? Were there parts I thought should be expanded upon? Were there gaps in the narrative where I wanted more information on a certain character or situation?

  • Did the story move at a good pace? Did any part(s) drag or feel rushed?

  • How did I feel at the ending of the story? Was the ending predictable or surprising? Did it fulfill the readers’ expectations? Did it leave the reader wanting more? Did it provide closure to the story?

  • Recommendations for editing services

Specifically non-fiction concerns: 

  • Are the topics and subtopics sufficiently related as to be in the same book? Is there a missing topic?

  • Are ideas logically developed so that readers can comprehend the author's reasoning?

  • Is the tone and formality of the writing appropriate for its purpose and audience?

  • Is it clear that the author is a credible source for this information, whether through experience or research? Are their claims properly referenced?

  • Is the material presented in a way that easily facilitates a reader's learning of it?


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