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$0.02 / word 

Substantive editing combines structural and stylistic editing.



STRUCTURAL EDITING is about resolving big picture problems in your story.

It addresses: 

CONTENT: How developed is your writing?

​​-Suggested additions/deletions

-Reworking content that is imbalanced, unfocused, or lacks proper research/development

-Identifying plot holes


Examples: inconsistencies in character description; nonsensical timeline; a seemingly unimportant event is overly described, while a crucial moment is glossed over; in non-fiction, the writing sidetracks into an irrelevant topic. 

ORGANIZATION: How cultivated is your writing?

-Analyzing how the content is structured and whether the reader will be confused or dissatisfied with that organization


Examples: An element of the story/character is revealed too early/late in the book, and it negatively impacts reader enjoyment; In non-fiction, ideas are not properly separated or progress in a disorienting manner.

STYLISTIC EDITING is about improving the quality of your writing so that it is as eloquent and effective as it can be.

It addresses:


CLARITY: How intelligible is your writing?

-Ensuring word choice and sentence construction convey their intended meaning

-Resolving ambiguities, redundancies, and illogical elements

FLOW: How smooth is your writing?

-Transitions properly support the development of the text

-Reordering elements for coherence

-Polishing sentences that are awkwardly phrased

LANGUAGE: How appropriate is your writing?

-Language choices suit the reading level of the intended audience

-Tone and level of formality is consistent and appropriate for its purpose    


My stylistic edit involves thoughtful suggestions for rewriting as opposed to objective corrections because it is a subjective process. I will determine, honour, and maintain your authorial voice.



$0.015 / word


COPYEDITING is a completely objective assessment of your work to find and correct any errors that would be embarrassing if published and would confuse and distract readers.

It addresses the following:

CORRECTNESS: Edit for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, formatting, and typography.


CONSISTENCY: Create a style sheet to track and apply an editorial style (treatment of numbers, capitalizations, variant spellings, etc.) and ensure all visual elements are consistent.​


ACCURACY: Identify and query or correct any inaccuracies in general information (dates, quotations, URL), organizational information (menus, table of contents), and mathematical information (statistics, numerals).


COMPLETENESS: Ensure material is complete and query for missing elements; Identify and flag where citations or copyright permissions are needed.  

Every copyedit includes a proofread.


$0.005 / word


Proofreading is the final stage in the editing process.


It is a slow, word by word inspection of your manuscript. I will find and correct any remaining errors in format, typography, transcription, and content. Before submitting your writing for publication, allow me to provide the reassurance that your work is as close to error-free as humanly possible.

As stated above, every copyedit includes a proofread. Therefore, my proofreading-only service is exclusively for writers who have already hired a copyeditor and would prefer an independent proofreader.


I require your copyeditor's style sheet for reference while I work. 

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